Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Vathi to Fiskardo on Kefalonia


Another day another bay, as they say...

Not a very good meal last night, not bad but I think we have been a bit spoiled so far by the very high standard so far but never mind it was adequate for our needs.

Left Ithaca behind and sailed to the island of Kefalonia passing the Northern tip of Ithaca and entering Fiskardo from the North East.

Easy to see straight away why the town was used for film making (Captain Corellis Mandolin). The harbour is real picture postcard stuff with the waterside tavernas all painted in white and different pastel shades, I think the prettiest place we have visited.

Beauty has led of course to popularity and the harbour was very busy. Lorena and I were very "lucky" arriving to take the last available berth at the time in a perfect position near the waterside tavernas, brilliant. Many of the other boats in the flotilla have ended up rafted somewhere nearby but I'm not sure where.

Saw the most amazing billionaire class yacht anchored in the bay, it's hard to believe that anyone can afford these things, for the record she was called "Jo".

It's going to be hard returning to planet earth...

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