Thursday, 19 July 2007

Leisure in Fiskardo


Another splendid meal last night at a small waterside restaurant, Lorena had an excellent sea bass and I had lightly battered sole which was lovely.

Difficult to decide what to do today as it was scheduled as a "free sailing" day which means that you can do pretty much as you wish really. The lead crew were planning to go off to prepare for the next arrivals and others were planning to go to various places.

The problem was that I couldn't see how we were going to find anywhere nicer with better facilities but set against that there was the chance of becoming entangled on departure without the lead crew to help us out if we stayed in Fiskardo.

Decided in the end to stay put and take pot luck and found out later that all but one other boat, including the lead crew, had done the same, too good a spot to leave.

So, went exploring in the morning and climbed up to the lighthouses, one Venetian ruined, and one more modern and also a disused windmill. Lovely views over the bay.

Returned to the boat then went swimming off the rocks in clear blue water to the North of the bay which was lovely. Took the usual siésta this afternoon and soon off to find another nice restaurant.

Hard life this, hope I don't weaken...

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