Saturday, 28 July 2007

Saturday Training


2 hours of level 2 planned on the road today which I reckoned was going to be quite a challenge. In the event I was riding on my own as it was an extremely windy day and nobody tuned up at the usual meeting place. So, of I went, I mucked up the timing a bit but in the end clocked up about 45 miles with an overall average HR of 154BPM.

It was a funny old ride, my HR is naturally still higher than it was but my legs didn't really seem to fatigue too badly which was encouraging, I certainly feel as if the "green shoots of recovery" are starting to appear and I did feel a bit stronger than I did earlier in the week but my legs feel pretty well used tonight! managed fractionally under 18mph for the 46 miles which solo with a hell of wind after 2 weeks off I wasn't too unhappy with.

I think I'll feel pretty tired tomorrow but never mind, I am determined to work as hard as I possibly can between now and the Cumberland Challenge, to lose a bit of weight, and to try my best to put on a decent showing in the event. Head down, nose to the grindstone time, maximum focus.

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