Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sunday Training


Nice steady ride planned with John today which I was looking forward to and I set off at the appointed hour (08:00) to meet up. Hmm... all has not gone to plan, arrived at the column, there are 4 people there, John and Neil and oh My God, the local cycling torturers, Dieter and Ian who are going for the win in the Cumberland Challenge. This was not going to be a picnic.

Anyhow, decided to give it a bash under the "it will do you good don't be a softy" banner and 3:45:04 later we had covered almost 65 miles at an average speed of about 17mph (max 48.3mph/77.7kph) on a windy day, with, you've guessed it, almost 4500' of ascent involved including 2 of the local Northumberland horrors. Average HR for the ride 149, YIKES!

Still, I think it probably won't have hurt me, recovery day tomorrow and hell, I enjoyed being with those guys. Gotta do some work if I'm going to do Ok in the CC.

Summary of weekly training follows:

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