Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Tuesday Training


High resistance session tonight and there has been a bit of an improvement so hopefully the Raid is leaving my legs at last, still feel tired though, just taking ages to get back to "normal". Results shown below:
  1. 90 RPM 310W
  2. 90 RPM 310W
  3. 85 RPM 300W
  4. 85 RPM 300W
  5. 80 RPM 275W
  6. 80 RPM 275W
  7. 75 RPM 275W
I'm going to have a review of my data in the next little while and see if there has been any measurable improvement over the last 3 months, not done this formally yet but I'm suspecting there hasn't. Don't quite understand it, I seem to feel better when out on the bike and I would have thought that there would be something measurable coming through by now.

Just had a quick look, below are the results of an identical session on 27.04.2007, bit depressing really 2 months and lots of hard work later, starting to think I'm not actually improving. Hmm... no doubt really, in measurable terms, I'm not!
  1. 90 RPM 310W
  2. 85 RPM 310W
  3. 80 RPM 310W
  4. 75 RPM 310W
  5. 70 RPM 300W
  6. 65 RPM 290W
  7. 60 RPM 290W
Never mind, keep the faith!

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