Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Wednesday (not) Training


Wednesday is a rest day and that's good. One more training session tomorrow and then that's it until after my holiday. I feel I need to get away from cycling for a bit and give things some serious thought. I'm happy that I feel better on the bike but I still don't seem able to feel satisfied with my progress particularly given the effort that has gone in, maybe I'm just too impatient but it's difficult to change your fundamental personality when you are not seeing measurable results. Maybe I'm too logical but as I see it if it can't be measured it's not happening!

Maybe I'm just feeling a bit stale but at the moment I feel that I'm putting in a lot of time and effort as well as the money I've spent on equipment and the like and I'm not sure that what I'm getting out at the moment is really balancing things up. I'm hoping that I'll feel rejuvenated by my holiday, time will tell. Also the weight I had struggled to get off is slowly creeping back on, like many people I tend to eat too much when I feel a bit low so I'm not going to beat myself up too much, I'll just see how I feel in a few weeks.

I'd like to do well in the Cumberland Challenge but as things stand I'm not that confident of doing that much better than last year and the idea of being trashed by my arch rival, friendly as the rivalry is, does not cheer me greatly!

Maybe things will look better in the morning!

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