Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Tuesday Training


Level 2 session on the turbo scheduled for tonight which I wasn't looking forward to too much but hey, there's no other way to get better!

In the event it was a strange old session, I managed fine and my legs felt pretty good but my power output seemed very low for a given HR. I think this is probably due to a drop in my blood plasma volume over the holiday period meaning that for a given workload my HR has to be higher as there is less blood to be pumped around.

Put another way my legs probably felt Ok because they weren't having to work as hard to produce the HR required by this session, an average of about 150BPM. Anyway, pulling up my last level 2 turbo session the comparison data from 30.06.2007 is shown below:

Effort length - 1:00:00 (1:00:00)
Average effort HR - 153 (151BPM)
Average effort power - 211 (242W)
Average effort cadence - 90 (92RPM)
Average effort speed - 24.5 (22.9mph)
Effort distance - 24.5 (22.9m)

Blimey, sometimes wish I didn't keep records, they can make pretty grim reading! That's a loss of 31W in just over 2 weeks, it will be interesting to see how long it takes to come back.

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