Monday, 23 July 2007

Monday Training


Well it's back into the saddle on the CompuTrainer to see how I feel after over 2 weeks of no cycling, the news was not good but not perhaps as bad as I feared. Just a steady ride, rode UKRoute12 against the performance from the 4th of June and the results were practically identical. Looking on the positive side that *should* mean that I am about the same as I was at the start of June not having trained at all for over 2 weeks, surely that means that the underlying position is that I'll be better in a week or so once I'm back into the swing of things.

Must get some of the holiday spread off before it becomes a fixture, resolution, eat no junk!

Data follows, 04.06.2007 data in brackets:

Average HR for the route: 127 (126)
Average power for the route: 192 (192W)
Time to complete the route: 58:29 (58:31)
Spin Scan score: 76 (72)
Average cadence: 85 (88RPM)

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