Monday, 20 August 2007

Monday Training


More good old L2 riding on the turbo planned for today. Session didn't go too well which was my fault, mind was drifting away and forgot to do the 2nd calibration of the turbo so that explained why my power figures were looking better! At least it showed that the calibration system works!

I noticed my error at about the 15 minute mark so stopped, calibrated, and carried on. My average power (AP30) was at the usual levels which was about 244w at just over 152BPM average so no change there. Felt pretty tired really but that is probably to do with the weekend driving all over the place.

So, another one done and in the bank. How oh how am I going to raise my sustainable power, I just can't imagine my legs ever feeling Ok when I'm producing 300W, seems like a fantasy at the moment but that's where I'm currently aiming. Can't help but think I'm mising something fundamental and basic that would make a big difference, maybe everyone thinks like that!

I'm quite starting to like having the power data, even though I don't like the numbers much, I think there might be merit in the TSS/IF/CTL/ATL figures I'm generating. I'm currently thinking about a Christmas present for myself, a PowerTap. This would allow me to collect power data (using the CyclingPeaks package) for ALL my riding which would in theory help with the planning of my training. The $60m question though is, would it ultimately help me get stronger and fitter and therefore faster more efficiently? Still, it is Christmas ;-)

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