Thursday, 9 August 2007

Thursday Training


Level 2 on the turbo scheduled for today and after the way the 2x20 session went controlling it with a .ERG file I decided to try doing the same with this session. This would mean that the load for the 60 minutes would be completely constant and I would not have the opportunity to change it during the session. My theory is that once I can cope with a certain load I edit the .ERG file and do the session with a slightly increased load over time, the load on the CompuTrainer can be set in 5W increments in ergometer mode.

I set up the file simply by editing and renaming a previous one, the whole session was 75 minutes long and included a 10 minute .ERG controlled warmup and a short cool down, the warmup was in addition to the 10 minute unit calibration warmup I do prior to my sessions.

I decided to set the load for the 60 minute effort at 230W. Looking back at my 2 most recent turbo L2 rides the average wattages for the sessions were 220W and 211W, back in June I did one at 242. 230W therefore seemed probably achievable as I should be more efficient (according to this) riding at a constant load with a steadliy rising HR rather than altering things manually depending on how I am going.

Anyway, all went well and I liked doing it this way with no interference from me during the session, it went well and I held the 230W for the full effort, HR reaching about 160 at the end of the session having risen steadily, wonder how I can stop it doing that! Average HR for the effort 152BPM. I like the "clarity" of this method of training, at the end of it you know exactly what you have done and it's so readily repeatable.

Felt Ok with this session, will stick with this methodology, dead easy once the files are set up to edit them.

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