Thursday, 23 August 2007

Thursday Training


Good old L2 training on the turbo tonight. Set off and all seemed to be going well so decided rather than starting with a lower HR and letting it drift up during the effort to get my HR to the 150ish mark early on and see how long I could hold it and where it took me. I felt pretty good even though not fully rested so thought I'd test my limits out.

Pleased with how it went, did feel tired towards the end but was able to keep going. Even when my HR was up in the 160BPM zone I felt Ok and wasn't struggling at this intensity the way I have in the past. Looking back at the session this was almost a full hour at the intensity I have sometimes been doing the 2x20 at! The data was very satisfactory showing a pleasing rise in my average power for the 60 minutes (P60) at 262W at an average HR of 160BPM. So, a higher HR, but sustainable, and a significantly higher average power output, about 20W better than previously!

Progress indeed, data for the 60 minute effort below, the average power for the entire workout, including warm up and cool down, was 252W:

Peak 60min (262 watts):
Duration: 1:00:01
Work: 944 kJ
TSS: 91.1 (intensity factor 0.954)
Norm Power: 262
VI: 1
Distance: 21.551 mi
Elevation Gain: 1832 ft
Elevation Loss: 0 ft
Grade: 1.6 % (1832 ft)
Min Max Avg
Power: 131 313 262 watts
Heart rate: 132 170 160 bpm
Cadence: 60 94 90 rpm
Speed: 19.7 22.5 21.5 mph
Pace 2:40 3:03 2:47 min/mi
Altitude: 35 1867 939 ft
Crank Torque: 148 403 247 lb-in

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