Sunday, 2 September 2007

The Cumberland Challenge


The day I have been waiting for finally came, the weather was dreadful but I felt very calm knowing that I had prepared as well as I could have given the length of time I have been trying to train properly.

The event went brilliantly, I felt great, didn't tire badly at all and came in with a time 6:20 which put me in the top 10%. There were a lot of retirements from the event but that was NEVER an option for me. It was great to achieve an objective I had set myself and I regard this as a springboard from which to launch further improvements.

A great day, could not have gone better, and Neil and John were smashing companions to share a hard day with, I hope we will ride many more events together in the future.

No training summary this week, an abnormal week, just tapering down for today.

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