Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday Training


Just a lovely ride today with Neil, John, Keith, Ian, and Mark. Covered about 75 miles in a little under 4.5 hours and an average HR of 127, just over 17 mph with about 3,500' of ascent. Just chilled and enjoyed what was the perfect ride, good weather (warm), sunny, great scenery, great company, and feeling good. All this graft IS paying off, I am sure when I push hard on the pedals now it just doesn't hurt as much! Glancing back at some records a few moments ago my gut feeling is that I've gained about 25W over the last 2-3 months when riding at about 150BPM, if I can keep up this progress and keep the weight coming slowly off I'll be going really quite nicely come the Spring.

Interested to read in Cycling Plus that elite endurance athletes train with the following intensity ratio:

75% below threshold, easy riding.
5% at about threshold.
20% above threshold (ouch!).

Read this in several places now, also a good article about training diaries and how important they are, I'm sure my blog counts!

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