Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Tuesday Training


2x20, excruciating! Decided to test my limits and do my 2x20 session with 2 identical ergometer controlled efforts, both with a 275W load, I made it but I was really having to hang on at the end.

Data for the 2 efforts:

Effort 1 - 275W, average HR 156BPM

Effort 2 - 275W, average HR 167BPM

That was very hard work indeed, should probably have done it at about 265W but I'll do my next one at 275W again and keep at it until it starts to feel easier, I believe that's how "training with power" is supposed to work but I've only just started Coggan's book! Hmm.. so what load do I use for my next 4x5 session?

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