Monday, 5 November 2007

Monday (Not) Training


Back into resting mode again. have been using my rest time profitably and have started to use a feature on my Polar S725X HRM called the OwnOptimizer. Basically it measures 5 HR parameters, resting HR, HR rise on standing, standing HR, and HR variability lying and standing. Using these data items it calculates your state or training/recovery/overtraining or whatever and allocates a numerical score to it to allow you to better manage your training and to help you avoid undertraining or the dreaded overtraining.

I read about the use of HR variability to assess training status in the ABCC journal as there is a presentation on it coming up and I then read around the subject and it certainly seems to have scientific merit. I reckon the best way to evaluate it, given that I already have a tool to do the test, is to record my scores several times a week and just see what comes out of it, it may be useful it may not.

I've decided to record my score in the recovery column of my weekly training record chart, it will appear in brackets after the subjective assessment I do anyway. (2) is an evening score of 2, (2/) is a morning score of 2, (2/2) is morning and evening scores of 2 but I don't reckon I'll do that very often after the experimentation period!

The details of the different scores and what they mean is available on the Polar website by clicking here.

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