Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thursday Training


Threshold intervals. Did 2x20 minute efforts @ 280W and managed fine, good session, pleased with how I felt. Couple of days rest, good night's sleep. makes all the difference. Also measured blood lactate at the end of the 2nd 20 minutes and was really pleased to see that it was 4.7mmol/l which is a lot lower than the 6.6mmol/l I recorded doing the same session (but @275W) on 10.01.2008. So. who knows what the reasons are but it's movement in the right direction and I'm not going through those peaks and troughs any longer. In summary, this was a hard session but it was not distressing and I can deal with that combination. Interersting comparing the HR distributions of this and the session on 10.01. Today TH 47.2% and TE 35.7%, on 10.01 TH 62% and TE 29.7% and a higher wattage today, no wonder it felt more comfortable :-)

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