Friday, 1 February 2008

Friday Training


Decided to try the criss cross session I'd planned on the CompuTrainer and horrible it was too. Not sure whether it's not being 100%, my physiology, or something else but I think I've found a significant weakness which I've always suspected, my inability to recover quickly from an effort. As time went on I recovered less and less until I was starting the 5th effort with a heart rate of 165! Ended up having to use my small chain ring and a low gear to reduce the torque I needed to finish the last 2 "hills" and the wheel may have been slipping a little but I DID get to the end! Slightly higher TSS than the 2x20SST but it felt a hundred times harder, not surprisingly with 72% of the time in TH and ll% of the time in VM. The question is is the pain worth it, are the periods of time spent up at the higher intensities (SST, TH, and VM) worth the pain in terms of training returns? Glad I did the session though, at least I now know how horrible it is and it might not be quite so bad next time, if it's worth doing again, if I'm properly recovered.

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