Thursday, 7 February 2008

Thursday Training


Computrainer - FTP Test
Never going to be easy but at least I finished the test this time so not the disaster the previous effort was. FTP lower then it was when I tested on 06.11.2007 which I suspected. HR did not get so high this time as I think my legs were not fully fresh and not able to push my HR as far as it will go, also my recent cold won't have helped things. Anyway, my 5 minute power was prettty much identical to the last test and my average power for the 20 minute TT was 295W this time so taking 95% of that gives me a current FTP of 280W, 20W short of the "magic" 300W club membership ticket and 12W below the last test. Time to adjust the FTP settings and this will I guess alter my training zones. To be honest I think this is a realistic test result, it may not be what I want it to be but it's realistic.

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