Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday Training


Well, what was supposed to be a L2 ride with John and David didn't quite turn out like that, ended up with John, David, Mark (LBS owner), Glenn (training for Ironman), and Ian (4th, Cumberland Challenge 2007) so 6 of us, it was never going to be a "proper" L2 ride. Some very brisk sections which I coped with and recovered quickly from. Pleased with this given the TSS of 380 in the previous 3 days, bodes well for the Cheshire Cat. The gap between Ian and I has I think narrowed a bit and well rested and well fed prior to the Cheshire Cat I'm hoping for a good ride. In spite of starting off tired, it being cold and windy, and it being almost a race in parts I did manage an average HR of 139 and an average power of 182W so in average terms is was a L2 ride! Interesting points from this ride are the high VI which I coped well with, and the large difference between the normalised power and the average power figures indicating the true physiological cost of the ride.

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