Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tuesday Training

Found this very hard going tonight ad my outputs for the efforts were significantly down on last time, usual problem, didn't feel I had enough in my legs to get my HR up enough to produce the higher powers. Felt like giving up after effort 3 and effort 4 was even worse! Decided to plough on regardless of the numbers and dropped the resistance/slope setting so that I was able to get my cadence up and delivered higher average powers for the last 2 efforts as a result, interesting that, maybe I'm an Armstrong rather than an Ullrich?! 375, 368, 357, 349, 359, 359 for the efforts, average of 361W. I guess my L6 band is 339W upwards so at least I'm in the right area, unless my FTP has gone through the roof, which is hasn't ;-)

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