Monday, 5 May 2008

Monday Tandem Ride


This was a really lovely leisure ride with Lorena on our tandem, the sun shone and it was warm, I wore my shorts for the first time this year! Obviously no power information available from a tandem ride but it is possible to get a reasonably accurate estimate of the TSS for the ride basing it on HR data, I did it like this:

Looking back at some WKO+ files I can see that a ride of equivalent intensity on the Computrainer (a L2 ride) yields a TSS of about 40 for an hour, or a TSS of 0.66 per minute. I reckon that riding the tandem is probably above L2 intensity so if I work on that basis I shouldn't be too far off with my TSS estimate for tandem riding, I certainly shouldn't be overestimating it. Today's ride was 2 hours and 5 minutes, or 125 minutes so a TSS of 83 which feels instinctively just about right. I'd be interested in anyone's views on the methodology!

So, a lovely ride, stopped for a bite to eat at Preston Tower and bought our favourite wine gums in Embleton. Really delighted and relieved to have had the tandem brakes upgraded and a rear disc fitted when a tractor and trailor pulled out in front of us when descending towards the River Aln at about 40mph towards the end of the ride, the rear disc is just superb. Had covered just under 30 miles by the time we got home which was just ideal for the first tandem outing of the year.
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