Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sunday Training


The long ride of the week saw me meeting up with John and Ian for a ride out through Morpeth to Ponteland and back via Amble and Warkworth. Unfortunately, as usual, the weather forecast was wrong and for much of the ride there was drizzle and rain. We returned home well and truly soaked, nothing new in that I guess. Anyway, we covered a little over 71 miles very much at a L2 conversation pace, an average speed of about 16.3mph, an average power of 165W and an average HR of 126BPM, no pain, no strain. TSS for the ride was 233.9. I'm pleased for the first time ever to have hit a CTL of over 100TSS/d and I think I'm getting back on top of my aerobic fitness. La Marmotte looms.

Just out of interest below is a summary of my training week by week in HR zones since the start of the year, quite happy with the way things are building, the troughs were both caused by colds/man flu :-)

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