Saturday, 31 May 2008

Saturday Training


Pre event session. Seemed to go pretty well as a short openers session. Rode for a total of just 30 minutes, Did 3 minutes @ 275W, 3 minutes @ 320W, and finally 5 minutes @ 250W as part of a steady cool down. This shouldn't fatigue me greatly and if it has I'm in trouble tomorrow!

My TSB tomorrow morning will be +14.8 which is where I'd planned it to be so I'll just wait and see now how that particular TSB number (which is after all all it is) feels for me and if I feel terrible I can adjust things accordingly for the future. Been an interesting little experiment this with what is really a mini-taper which, after tomorrow, should have maintained my CTL quite well as I've still covered just over 100 miles on the Computrainer so far this week. Not sure quite how but I have, it sure adds up!
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