Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunday Training


The long ride of the week comes around again and today was also the day of the Fred Whitton Challenge in The Lakes and The Alnwick Triathlon. Weather was poor today, spent most of the time in a cold sea mist (fret) and there was a steady and cold breeze from the North. Out for just over 4 hours at a steady pace and was feeling a bit tired towards the end of the ride in what is an overload period. This week I'll have covered about 237 miles including turbo time with a TSS for the week of just under 800, or 114TSS/d, good reason to feel a bit tired. Today's ride managed to include climbing Shilbottle 3 times which was a first, all good preparation for the future. So, another week in the bag, CTL now standing @ 102.8, will try to put in another solid week next week then back off a little before another push upwards, that's the plan, comments and suggestions welcomed!

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