Saturday, 10 May 2008

Saturday Training


Lovely day today to be out riding and so glad I'm not signed up to ride the Fred Whitton Challenge tomorrow! Usual L3 ride, out with Neil and John and we all seemed to be going pretty solidly. Did a 103 minute L3 effort after a 30 minute warmup, the average speed for the effort was 21.8mph which I'm happy with as it's very similar to the last of these we did when there were 4 of us riding, so much more time on the front for each of us today. Average power for the effort was 226W (normalised 254W) with an average speed for the entire ride of 18.6mph, the warmup and cool down periods were very steady indeed. So, a good training ride indeed, long ride tomorrow, hope the weather holds. Off shopping now, good to have the ride in the bag and about 60 miles done by eleven in the morning.
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