Thursday, 8 May 2008

Thursday Training


This session was identical to the L4 turbo session I did a week ago today and this was deliberate. In the days prior to this and the workout a week ago I had done a similar volume of work but I changed one thing significantly today, my eating plan prior to tonight's session. The result was that the session felt more comfortable but still far from easy and my HR was generally lower than for the previous session. The most significant difference lay in the blood lactate reading at the end of the second 20 minute effort which was 4.4mmol/l compared to the reading of 7.9mmol/l at the end of last week's session. It's difficult to be absolutely certain but I am 99% sure that this major difference is the result of the altered nutritional arrangements, a pretty amazing difference and a very different feeling to the session. Experimentation will continue!

If you would ike to review the data for this session click here.

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