Thursday, 29 May 2008

Thursday Training

Nothing too extreme tonight, just enough stress to stop my body going to sleep without, I hope, causing too much fatigue. So, 3x4 minute efforts @ 310W having ramped from 175W to 310W over the minute before each effort. Seemed able to hold the 310W reasonably "comfortably" and still be in control of things without too much of an increase in HR. It doesn't seem too long since I was doing some 5 minute VO2 max efforts at 320W and that doesn't seem too far away now but with considerably less stress. I'll have to look back over the records of those sessions but not tonight! Out on the tandem tomorrow? Who knows, I'll see how the weather looks, rain forecast at the moment, typical. If you would like to view the session data click here.
[Uploaded 29/05/2008 22:45:55]

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