Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday (not) Training


Northern Rock Cyclone tomorrow so no training for me and loads of other things to get done anyway. Mark Breeze managed to get my ZIPP rear wheel back for me which was brilliant, the man deserves a medal. Ended up being out and about all day getting all sorts of things done and we finally got home much later than we had expected and I set about getting myself ready. I should have known, it is Friday 13th, and things went really pear shaped.

The first thing was realising that my tyre, tube, and quick release for the wheel were still at the shop, terrific. It then went from bad to worse and for the first time ever I was unable to get a new tyre onto the ZIPP rim, either it was incredibly tight or I have become incredibly feeble, I settled on the former explanation.

So, I'm stuck. What to do? What do I always do? Phone Mark! Well, it was only nine o'clock at night, talk about how to lose friends! He very kindly offered to meet me at the shop which I did and he managed to get the tyre on, obviously not as feeble as me. So, finally got home and then I've still not eaten, not ideal preparation for a 100 mile event. Had something to eat eventually and got my stuff ready having installed the wheel, checked the brakes, etc. etc. finally got to bed far too late and will have to get up far too early. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

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