Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thursday Training


Another 50 minutes on the turbo with 30 minutes at upper L3/lower SST sitting at around 260W which again was not particularly comfortable but perfectly manageable. HR somewhat higher tonight than on Tuesday but I'm not concerned about that as I actually felt better than I did on Tuesday and I wonder if my HR was just more responsive and perhaps I'm a bit less tired, in the end who knows, I felt pretty Ok which is what matters. My experiment with my nutrition seemed to go Ok and I certainly felt better for it. What I did was eat a tin of rice pudding about 90 minutes before I started. I'd done this a while ago and found that it seemed to help so I'll keep experimenting, will probably give it a whirl on Saturday. So, no more training before the Northern Rock Cyclone now, will just have to see how I go, watch this space!
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