Friday, 20 June 2008

Friday Training


Can certainly feel the effects of yesterday still in my legs so opted for a L3 session planning to do about 50 minutes. The problem now is that my sore throat has developed somewhat and I can now feel the runny nose and a cough coming on so it looks like yet another health setback, I have honestly never had so many health problems interfering with things, it really is very dispiriting.

Anyway, had a go but pulled the plug on the effort at 40 minutes as it was just not doing me any good and may well have been doing the opposite, I think the words of the guru are something like "you can only do what you can do". I guess I showed willing and gave it a go but this is a very difficult period for me, "character building" I guess, probably a good time to look to the future rather than worry too much about what I can't do at present.

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