Saturday, 21 June 2008

Saturday (not) Training


Back on the antibiotics and feeling generally grim so no training for me this weekend. I've been giving the forthcoming Marmotte quite a lot of thought and am still undecided what to do. I think on balance I'm going to leave the final decision about riding until early next week when I've tried to do a bit more training and things should then be clearer. My gut feeling is that I'll be going and even if I feel well below par which seems likely I could still always enjoy the social side of things and spend some time taking photos and could even ride the course very slowly and use the trip as a recce in the hope of having a proper crack another year when things I hope will be more promising.

On the +ve side today Lorena and I had a nice trip into Newcastle with Rebecca and Francesca which is always fun, does have the effect of concentrating the mind on other things which is definitely a good thing. It's very easy to get very very wrapped up in cycling, training, trying to watch what you eat, planning for events, etc. etc. and I tend to be one of the worst offenders in these things. Sometimes good just to forget it all, especially when things are going poorly, and concentrate on the things in life which really do matter.

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