Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunday (not) Training


Well, another lovely June day dawned, raining, cold, and strong winds, great! Never mind, hadn't planned on going out today anyway but just to keep taking the pills and generally potter around and wait for things to get better. If there's one thing all this is teaching me it's that the human body marches to it's own tune and does things in it's own good time, it won't be rushed into anything.

So a nice relaxing day and plenty of good grub, watched an interesting TV programme about what would happen to the world without humans, pretty scary stuff. I'd always believed though that when people talk about saving the planet they are looking at things from the wrong end. What I mean is that the planet will look after itself and will manage just fine without people, it will recover without any problem at all. What people should be talking about is saving the human race, not the planet, we need the planet, the planet doesn't need us!

Pretty much made my decision about La Marmotte, go out there, ride round, take pictures, and learn from the experience in readiness for being able to have a better crack at it another year. Looking ahead Lorena and I plan to spend much of the first 2 weeks of August doing mini trips (1 day or 2 day) on our tandem which should be fun. We did contemplate riding from home to Switzerland down the Rhine Cycle Route but will probably leave that for another year but the idea hasn't been completely shelved yet. We could get the boat from Newcastle to Amsterdam then cut over to the Rhine and follow it down to Basel before continuing down to the Bernese Obeland and Kandersteg. I've always wanted to ride to The Alps, watch this space!

On a practical front I've decided to shift my online photo gallery over the the Google system which uses a package called Picasa. This is proving to be quite an undertaking but I really like the facility to link photographs and/or albums to online maps and the Google Earth system. I reckon this will be great when it come to the 2010 TdF trip so I might as well put in the spadework now and get my head round it all early!

This last week has seen me do less training in a week that I can remember doing for simply ages, pretty bad news with La Marmotte just around the corner, in the end though we can only do what we can do.

Cheers for now, hope everyone's training is going well.

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