Sunday, 8 June 2008

Sunday Training

Busy day today with the twins staying for the weekend so didn't go out for my normal long ride of the week and decided to do another tempo ride this evening. Rode a local loop around the lanes which is generally undulating but has no major climbs in it. Decided to make a real effort to not ride with a very high power on the uphills and to keep my effort reasonably steady as far as possible and at tempo level just by going up and down the gears. Pleased with the outcome, averaged 19.5mph for the just under 30 miles covered which is a reasonably solid ride ridden solo, particularly having done something similar at a very similar pace yesterday. So, not long to the Northern Rock Cyclone, be watching the weather forecast with interest! Just be doing a bit of light training during the week, particularly with the event being on the Saturday rather than the Sunday. I am sure a major factor in these things for me is not to work too hard too soon, I was just feeling better and better tonight as the ride went on and felt the same yesterday, also feel better for not being stuffed full of antibiotics any more.
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