Thursday, 5 June 2008

Thursday (not) Training


Yes, another day of not training. I've pretty much decided to take a chance and try a bit of experimentation with a long recovery period and some serious detraining (time off) just resting which I'm enjoying. My objectives are some way off (the main one being 2 years away!) and I reckon I can afford to ease right off for a while.

I'm just starting to feel a bit more like myself to the point this evening where I actually felt like cleaning my bike ready for the weekend, EEK! All I need now is a nice day tomorrow for a gentle whirl on the tandem and I'll see how I'm feeling before I decide what to do over the weekend.

Just did a quick review of my training going back to the start of the year. Until NOW I've never taken more than a couple of days off and I've not done that very often. I reckon this will do me the world of good and apart from that I'm enjoying it!

Summary of the year to date below, the last column is the Polka Dot, done nothing since then:

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