Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday Training


Tandem ride with Lorena, weather really grim for the time of year here, chilly and foggy with a cool breeze off the sea, not much fun at all. Well, in spite of all the rest my legs still feel as if they have no go in them and I feel well below par, not looking good for the Northern Rock Cyclone or La Marmotte at present.

I'm starting to suspect now that at least in part my present troubles are related to taking these antibiotics for this grumbling dental problem, hopefully Monday's interventions on that front will help matters. If this isn't the case then the only other realistic explanation is fatigue which is probably going to take a long time to overcome, probably too long, given that 4 days of rest have made no significant difference.

To cap it all I've had to have my ZIPP 404 rear sent back as there is a fault with the rim, a small "soft" patch where you can see the carbon weave coming apart, pretty unimpressive for a very expensive wheel that's done just over 700 miles. Spirits pretty low at the moment, I guess it's often what you do when things aren't going well that makes the difference in the long term and I'm sure there are going to plenty of ups and downs between here and Paris in 2010.
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