Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thursday Training

Well, went to see the Dr who was great. Top and bottom of it seems to be that I'm likely to be suffering from a post viral "syndrome" probably compounded by my dental infection. Blood tests have been sent off and I'll just now have to wait for the results. The dental issue resulted in just under an hour in the dreaded chair today for some root canal treatment and hopefully what will be the end of the infection. I've stopped taking the antibiotics and I'll see what happens from here.

Decided tonight to keep the intensity down and do 2x20 L3 efforts, I'd normally do 60 minutes or more of L3 but at the moment I just don't think it would help me, I was pleased that the Dr was actually encouraging in terms of keeping up the exercise as long as I don't start pushing too hard, I'll just work on feel at the moment. It was a funny old session, my HR was very much under control @ 250W but my legs had the same feeling of heaviness/weakness and felt as if I was working at about 280-300W not the actual level of 250W.

So, that's the position, I'll just keep plugging away and see what happens, and wait for the blood test results. I think this 2x20 session @ 250W is probably about right to try to at least hang on to some of my fitness, what's left of it.
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