Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday (not) Training


The show goes on and the rest continues, no training for me today and no change in the weakness in my legs and the general malaise that hangs over me. Never mind, not much to be done about it other than hope for the best and wait for the blood test results.

Have been putting my time to other uses and have turned my mind to a problem which has niggled at me for some time, namely geotagging :-) I've finally cracked it after lots of investigation and some trial and error. The final piece in the jigsaw was today when Lorena and I went out in the pouring rain to test out my system, it works. What I can now do is link a GPS file to a batch of photographs so that the EXIF data of each photograph is updated with the latitude and longitude data of the point on the earth it was taken,clever stuff.

This means that on say a long bike ride or holiday I can identify and place on a digital map (Google Maps or Google Earth for example) a photo or series of many photographs at the exact spot the picture was taken. My test worked really well, tomorrow we will go out for a longer walk and I'll do a more exhaustive test but I'm confident that on the basis of today's findings that it will work. This will be great for giving people a preview of a route or sharing the pictures taken on one of the rides I periodically organise. No more "I think that was taken...." moments, I'll know, and what's more I'll be able to go back.

Cheers all.

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