Saturday, 28 June 2008

Saturday (not) Training


No cycling for me again today but have been out for a 10 mile walk with Lorena to keep me reasonably active which we both enjoyed. I must admit that at the moment even though I have no real choice in the matter I am enjoying doing other things which I may have neglected somewhat.

Today was an opportunity to fully test out my geotagging setup and it worked brilliantly. I have enclosed below a slideshow of the photographs I took today. When I got home and before uploading them I "geotagged" all the images with the positions they were taken, this is done as a batch process, I had the entire album online within 30 minutes of getting home, I also have the ground track stored with the photographs for future reference, should I need it, I could always load it into a GPS and retrace the route.

If you click the slideshow to go to the album itself as showing you the photographs the album contains a link saying "view map" which will open a Google map with tiny thumbnails of the pictures showing exactly where they were taken, you can click these to open a popup view of the picture showing exactly the scene at the point on the map.

Anyway, I reckon it's rather fun, it's free, and it is going to allow me to better share future rides with others. On the health front this evening I think I may have turned a small corner, I just seem to have lost a bit of that dreadful leg weakness, I'm not getting my hopes up but it would be brilliant if this were finally coming to an end, even my throat soreness seems to have receded a bit. Enjoy the photos, great system, lovely part of the world.


  1. check out panoramio, notice how google maps now uses their data?


  2. Hi Mark, yes, in the end I decided to go with Picasa it having been bought by Google I believe and I like the interface and also keeping everything under one roof appealed to me. Panoramio does offer 2Gb of free storage to Picasa's 1Gb but I'm sure that will change and the Google storage is growing all the time. You thought about going down this route at all? Cheers, Q

  3. I think picasa and panoramio are very different - picasa for managing a personal album and panoramio for sharing pictures of the world.

    I think you can use both, its not an either/or decision????

    To see panoramio content in use go to goole maps and find an interesting spot, say covent gardem, the vatican, the taj mahal, whatever. click on more... and check photos. those images are all from panoramio.

  4. Hi Mark

    Not sure I agree. Picasa is as you say great for managing a personal album which I use it for but it's also great for publishing web albums which I also use it for.

    If you make a Picasa web album public and the images are geotagged they will also appear on Google maps.

    I think it's just that Panoramio has been around for longer but I like the "under one roof" that using Picasa offers me. Picasa has recently been upgraded to offer the facility of one click creating of web albums and also a very nice geotagging facility for either individual or multiple photos :-)