Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunday Training


Continuing to try to do some steady work without putting the system under any stress so am just for the time being continuing to repeat my 2x20 L3 session @ 250W. The main problem seems to be a certain "stubbornness" on the part of my HR to rise in it's normal way. I'm finding that my HR is generally a bit lower at L3 than it was and I'm sure this is not down to increased fitness as my legs still feel very heavy.

My overall impression is that my CNS is just not responding to the stimulus of effort in the normal way as when my HR does eventually come up a bit I actually feel more comfortable. This is all entirely in keeping with the experiences I've had in recent events, Ok until I need to put in a sudden effort but then things are just too slow to respond. I don't think this is down to the training plan I've been following as it didn't used to be the case until illness struck just before the Cheshire Cat at the end of March.

I'm just hoping that over time and by continuing with a much reduced and low intensity training load I'll at some point start to feel ready for higher intensity work. That's what I'm banking on anyway, I'll not get better by training harder but I hope I'll get better by training less, time will tell. If things don't improve I guess I'll just have to accept things and enjoy doing whatever I can do!
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