Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday (not) Training


Nothing really exciting to say today, just continuing with my low training volume and hoping for the best but have finally taken the decision not to ride La Marmotte this year, I fundamentally don't think it's sensible to do it unless one is feeling well prepared and fully fit, and I am neither.

On the positive side I have felt today as if I'm turning a bit of a corner and that things are starting to improve, I'll continue as I am for a while but hope to get out on the bike perhaps on Friday but once again the weather forecast is dreadful with heavy rain scheduled for the next three days. What else can we expect, it is almost July and the English Summer is in full swing, what a nasty, grey, damp, little island this has come to be. I'll not have been on the road on a bike for 3 weeks by then so it should be an interesting experience, I'll just be pottering around.

On a non cycling subject I've always had an interest in navigation and am fascinated by the longitude story and John Harrison and his clocks (H1-H4), Lorena and I visited them and The Cutty Sark (before the fire) in Greenwich a few years ago, see slideshow below. I was digging around on the Internet and managed to identify fairly accurately where he was buried, I thought it was an interesting fact that he is buried just a few minutes (of longitude) off the prime meridian, or at zero degrees of longitude, how neat is that?

Cheers, hope all is well wherever you are. Oh yes, John Harrison's papers suggest that he actually built a fifth clock, H5, it has never been found (if it exists), check your attic!

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