Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Tuesday Training


I have made the right decision, by doing less that is. Why? Well, for the first time for many weeks today I started to feel better, my HR came up much more in it's normal way and my legs finally felt as if I owned them. Ok, so I just repeated my 2x20 @ 250W (L3) session again but at least that was riding @ 250W and feeling Ok whilst doing it rather than suffering, hell I actually enjoyed it!

So, I think the first real signs of recovery are starting to show through, I also had an ENT clinic appointment today which confirmed that an ear infection I had a little while back has finally settled down so that was another positive thing to happen. Where to from here? My plan is to not rush into things and just to start building things up slowly again using the PMC as my guide to avoid trying to do too much too quickly. I'll be sticking with this 2x20 session on Thursday and then hopefully get out on the road a bit over the weekend but nothing too serious. Depending on how that goes I'll schedule my programme for next week probably introducing a little bit of SST and a bit longer L3 session, I'll see how I feel.

One of the most interesting observations in all this has been that my lower HR has been a sign of fatigue/illness or an inability to work hard enough to raise it, it's very easy to misinterpret HR data where illness is concerned I reckon. It's all to easy to see a lower HR as a sign of increasing fitness when in fact the opposite can be true, depending on the circumstances.
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