Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tuesday Training


Planned to start doing some consistent higher intensity training and reduce the volume of the L3 type training and just do that when I don't feel up to L4 work. Legs still not fully recovered from Saturday's exertions and started this session using manual ergo mode with an open mind as to exactly what I planned to do, Intended to let the session evolve based on feel rather than try to thrash myself to death for no good reason, this is supposed to be fun!

Anyway, my target wattage range was about 270-290W and I decided to try for one 20 minute effort, see how I felt, and take it from there. Ended up doing 30 minutes at L4, 1x20 and 1x10, both at about 275W so that was fine as I'm just really getting going with these at the moment. I'll go for the same thing next time, see how I feel after 10 minutes of the 2nd effort, and then extend it if I feel Ok. Just intending to try to log some serious minutes at L4 over the next little while and see where that takes me.
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