Thursday, 31 July 2008

No Training - My Big Day!


Well, it's finally arrived, I retired today! I've worked for the NHS for just under 30 years and Lorena and I have decided to both retire on much reduced pensions and try to make the best of life by being richer in time if poorer in money, we believe that is the right balance for us.

We will both be returning to work for 16 hours per week in limited capacities in September, we can't afford to pack up completely yet, with us both being so young ;-)

So, that's it, no work for the next month, we are both off for the whole of August taking a mixture of saved leave and unpaid leave but the Monday to Friday drudgery is now over. Lorena kindly laid on a little surprise buffet at home in the evening and some lovely flowers, captured in the slideshow below.

Life will now be very different, we plan to make the very most of it whilst we can, this is not a rehearsal.

I decided to reschedule my training and do the session planned for today tomorrow, you don't retire very often.

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