Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday Training


Have decided not to do 2 long rides on consecutive days for the forseeable future so after yesterday's efforts I stuck with an hour or so on the CompuTrainer completing my standard session doing the efforts for the most part at 255W so a very modest increase but am now approaching SST with these sessions which would start at about 260W. Tomorrow is the start of my first scheduled week of training for some time and I'm planning on working with a 3 week build and one week accommodation cycle. I'm reasonably happy with how things are starting to get back on track, spent 67% of my time tonight in L3 which corresponded with 68% of the time in my L3 HR zone so it doesn't look as if my physiology was under greater stress than would be expected so I'm happy to start to rebuild on that basis.

Looking back at a L3 session on 20,.06.2008 when my latest health problems were developing I spent 87% of a 50 minute session in power L3 but only 54% of the time was at HR L3 and 32% of the time was at HR L4, quite a difference and a whole lot more stress I reckon.

So, steady as she goes, fingers crossed for a slow return to something resembling fitness.
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