Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday Training


Couple of hours out on the tandem and using my 0.66TSS per minute for a L2 ride equation that gives a TSS of about 105 for this ride. Nice outing, about 35 miles in at least dry weather though there was a steady breeze and it was often overcast, it was also very cool. Rode up through the lanes to Bamburgh, bumped into Ian on the way up but he didn't have time to stop then met Ed up at Bamburgh and had a long chat, sounds like he fancies a go on a tandem!

Turns out that Ed had also passed John and 2 others and it does get you thinking, we have all these local cyclists, I can count up about 10 without really trying. It's a shame that we just never get together to do anything really and we are all out riding around on our own, seems quite sad really, such is life.

If you would like to browse a few photos at various locations on our route to Bamburgh just click here.

Anyway, day off tomorrow and that brings Build Week 1 to a close, slight step up in intensity next week but as I said before nothing drastic, fingers crossed for a good week, no problems so far. TSS of 557 for the week and for the first time for ages I'm heading in the right direction!
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