Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday Training


The long ride of the week today which wasn't as long as last week but was ridden at slightly higher IF and NP which were 0.819 and 242W respectively.

Neil, John and I covered about 63 miles averaging 18.5mph over undulating countryside up to Lowick, Etal, Ford, and back via Wooler and Weetwood Bank, long time since I rode up there! As I'm just rebuilding (build week 1) I am concerned about blowing up if I go too hard in the earlier parts of a ride so I'm just dropping back as if I ride on the front I don't seem to be going quickly enough! After about the 45-50 mile point I put in a few efforts to see how I felt on some of the smaller inclines and things didn't feel too bad so I was reasonably encouraged by this.

So, what I'm doing is managing my effort on these rides to make sure I don't overcook myself at this stage. With this in mind I came home rather than doing the Lemmington Bank climb at the end of the ride which John and Neil wanted to do as I didn't feel it would really do me any good that this point. My plan is to get home feeling as if I could do more rather than arriving home completely spent and then taking ages to properly recover, time will tell whether this bears fruit but it feels Ok so far.

Some L3 scheduled for the turbo tomorrow so much of the day will be available to do other things which will be good, then on into my second build week which will see a small increase but nothing dramatic.

As predicted the weather today was cold, wind (from the NE) and with rain at times, I have to admit that it does wear me down when it's like this all the time.
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