Friday, 11 July 2008

Friday Training


Nothing very exciting to report, just continuing with my efforts to rebuild some fitness and get back to "proper" training by plodding on with my L3 efforts. Did 2x20 @ 250W tonight, slightly less than Thursday with my long ride scheduled for Saturday, no point in starting off with nothing at all in the tank.

Another issue is that I've spent about 7 hours today doing some pretty heavy duty gardening again so that left me tired and almost certainly low on CHO before I'd even thought about getting on a CompuTrainer. TBH I almost didn't do the session but dragged myself off the sofa in the nick of time! HR still higher than I'm used to for this session but I'm comfortable with that at present.

So, another one done and I hope another small step in the right direction, I'm hoping tomorrow won't be too wet but the forecast is, as usual, not promising.
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