Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thursday Training


Slightly longer L3 efforts today both done at around 255W and both lasting 25 minutes. The plan now is to lengthen the first effort in a series of stages whilst shortening the second effort, this will bring me back to the full 60 minute L3 effort over the next week or so.

Tonight's was a funny old session which I don't really have an explanation for. My HR was far higher than it has been of late and yet my legs felt far more comfortable than they have been doing over the same period so it felt better but looked like harder work on paper!

My best shot at an explanation is that my CNS is continuing to recover and is finally delivering what it should be doing rather than my legs struggling with an insufficient supply from the CV system. Who knows? It will be interesting to watch how things go tomorrow as I'll be doing 2x20 @ L3 and we'll see if the same thing happens. To be honest I'm not worried what my HR does as long as my legs feel Ok and as long as my HR rises as it's supposed to do which has been a problem I've had for quite a long time. After all it's "just" a pump, albeit a very complicated and extraordinary one!

Weather here remains dreadful, raining again today and more forecast for tomorrow, some Summer.
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