Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday Training


Ok, so build week 3 comes to an end and it's gone pretty well, a lower volume week coming up to allow a little recuperation. I'll maintain the L4 work but drop off the long hilly ride next Saturday so that I come back into build 1 fresher and hopefully well recovered with 3 non training days coming up in the forthcoming week.

I was pretty fatigued tonight after yesterday's hilly 316 TSS effort but that is all part of the plan. The main objective tonight was to establish a starting intensity for my forthcoming L5 work and I wanted to see what sort of power I could maintain for 5 minutes a), when not fully recovered and b). having already done a warmup and at least 30 minutes at 80% of MHR or at about 255W. This was to ensure that I was testing myself in a "real world" rather than well rested state.

My plan for my L5 training, as suggested many moons ago by the famous and well respected RapDaddyO, is to take the 5 minute power and then initially do 4 minute efforts at that power and as I get fitter build up the power slowly. In this way, theoretically, I will be working at the right intensity to stimulate the physiological adaptations I seek but for slightly less time per effort than I know I can manage. This should make the sessions repeatable and not things of dread, that's the theory!

Given the training so far this week and particularly given yesterday and the work prior to tonight's 5 minute effort I was quite happy with my 5 minute power average of 340W (see above) and that will be the power I will do my L5 efforts at. I'll start with 4x4 @ 340W and build from there as fitness allows, that will give me an initial 16 minutes of VO2 max level training per session which is a good starting point. Reviewing my theoretical VO2 max power training zone (L5) based on an FTP of 296W the zone is between 314-357W so the results from this evening fit very well with that so I'll go with it and see how it goes. My first session will be in just over a week's time.

Looking back at my training I strongly suspect that I have NEVER, for a consistent period, trained at the right intensity to bring about significant improvements in my VO2 max, time will tell whether I will this time. I have also made another decision, I am ditching the concept of recovery rides. I'm going to adopt an approach of I'm either training or resting, I don't think recovery rides achieve either for me, they just make you more tired than you would be if you had your feet up instead, sound good?

Adaptation here I come!
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