Thursday, 3 July 2008

Thursday (not) Training


Would normally have done something today on the training front but due to events I won't bore you with I have been otherwise engaged. I may not have been training but I'm shattered, I've had to spend the entire day sorting out a garden which had been left in a hell of a mess, like a jungle in fact. I was one heck of a job with trees and bushes to cut back and dispose of, borders to clear, grass to cut etc. etc.

The good news is it's back is well and truly broken (as is mine), the bad news is it's not finished and there is still the back garden to do which is, if anything, in a worse state than the front. Never mind, such is life, it's all part of a master plan and it needs doing, it gets all the graft out of the way before I get back into a structured programme so that's good. It also had to be started today because for once the weather was Ok and it was just too good an opportunity to miss.

All the lads flew out to Nice today and should now have arrived in Alpe d'Huez ready for La Marmotte the day after tomorrow, I hope it goes well and I wish things had worked out differently but I've just got to make the best of a bad job and I wish them all the very best with the ride, I just hope the weather is kind so that they can really enjoy the scenery, through the pain!

More gardening tomorrow...

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